Comment on the last innovations in the Ukrainian general education


Ukrainian educational department has recently announced primary school reforms which are officially intended to lower workload of pupils.

The analysis of key changes allows to draw an unambiguous conclusion that the Ukrainian education has finally followed a way of self-damage.

For example, at schools cancellation of the fixed number of hours for studying each subject is planned: the teacher defines independently a number of hours depending on opportunities of the class and features of students. What is the risk of such approach? Knowing that there is an opportunity to distribute hours, the teacher can or not prepare a subject since he just won't be in time or will pay attention to a fact according to their own interest, but not to the general education requirements. Then, when taking a State Final Examination in the 4th class (and in Ukraine this is not cancelled) there is a risk that the student will be insufficiently prepared.

The following change is unified programs terminology, it is brought closer to age features of younger school students. But is it possible to study one terminology at younger school, "following age features", and then to be retrained in high school? Or the Ukrainian authorities plan every time to enter new terminology, following a training stage?

In our opinion a number of changes

are doubtful and are in a conflict with common sense:

writing with a pencil in 1 class,

prohibition on use of red pen when checking works,

cancellation of technical reading skills,

cancellation of a task for drawing up sentences on schemes, symbols of words,

studying the multiplication table in 1-2 classes within 5, mathematical operations within 10-20,

change of approach to the analysis of а piece of writing, exception of works of the Soviet and Russian authors from the academic program,

decommunization of music education content (!).

These innovations are exclusively dictated by  doubtful political interests, but not logical reflections over contents that breaks adequate idea of development of the child. For example, the cancelled method of check of reading skills of the pupil allows the teacher to understand how well the thinking of the student is developed, and in future to correct the level of each child according to their age features. The exception of symbols of words will lead to the fact that children will write sentences together, without gaps, without understanding that words have independent value.

Thus, there is no doubt left that Ukraine not only destroys the education system itself, but also seeks to bring up the nation which will be incapable to think and make decisions even at the elementary level as development and socialization of the child really depends on younger school.

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