The Year of Reading will be remembered for bright events


The Year of Reading announced by the Head of the Republic Alexander Zakharchenko comes to the end in the Donetsk People's Republic. This large-scale action aims to draw public attention to literature and reading, to acquaint with it younger generation, to inspire a renewed interest in the art word lost for the last decades.

The Year of Reading will be remembered by many interesting events held by the Ministry of Education and Science including in cooperation with Donetsk republican institute of additional pedagogical education, Donbass association of specialists in Russian philology. Let's remind the main of them.

On April 16 citizens of the Republic took part in the Total dictation. 353 inhabitants of the Republic joined the action which annually takes place in dozens of the cities of Russia and all around the world. It turned out that peoples willing check their literacy were so many that it was decided to carry out also the Donetsk dictation and it took place on May 12, 2,5 thousand people wrote it.

What else events filled The Year of Reading? It is traditional in pre-war years and the DPR's first Republican festival of literature and culture of the people of Donbass "Springs" symbolizing friendship of residents of our multinational region; a marathon "Magic world of literary study of local lore", International Chekhovian readings, decade of donation of books "Chitaygorod", international intellectual game for school students, students and teachers "I Know!", local history web quest "I  breathe and live Donbass", a poetic opening day "I'll lift your beauty up with word, Donbass".

International youth contest "Word for Us" became a bright event. Let's remind that 1700 school and university students from 43 countries of the world took part in the contest organized by Russian World Fund. In the final stage jury shortlisted 21 works, including 5 works from representatives of the Donetsk People's Republic. Awards were handed on the X Assembly of the Russian World.

Great interest was attracted by the Days of Russian language and culture held together with the Ministry of Culture; Pushkin holiday where took place the flash mob "We read the Pushkin".

Today a special role in education of love to the book is played  by school libraries where there are meetings with poets and writers of the Republic, thematic exhibitions, presentations, "Free Mini-libraries" project is being performed. Everyone takes part in their creation regardless of age.

Within the Year of Reading not only by pupils, but also teachers realised their abilities. So, philologists approved themselves in art readings "Donbass in a mirror of the Russian word", reciting fragments from literary works about our land on various platforms of Donetsk.

Teachers participated actively at the Republican book-trailer contest, having shown skills in the new genre of advertising and illustrational nature uniting literature, visual art, electronic and Internet technologies. Besides,   a contest of poetic skill and expressive reading "Again I repeat words of love to the native land" took place among philologists.

The Year of Reading comes to the end, but work aiming to promote the art word doesn't finish. It will go on also in 2017, because the stage in this direction is very large.

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