DPR MES comment on conversion of educational institutions into the part-time form of education


The Ministry of Education and Science of the Donetsk People's Republic in cooperation with the Ministry of Health, in coordination with Department of domestic and foreign policy of Administration of the Head of the DPR has made the decision on conversion of students into part-time form of education (DPR MES order from 12/19/2016 No. 63).

According to the Order of the organization of intra-extramural, extramural forms of study in the general education organizations of the DPR (DPR MES order from 7/20/2016 No. 776):

- receiving a general intra-extramural education assumes a combination of full-time courses and independent studying by students of subjects of the main general education program of the secondary general education;

- a general education organization exercises the current control of educational programs achieving. Intermediate certification is an obligatory element of control. Intermediate certification and educational process in intra-extramural form can be organized by means of remote technologies.

Part-time form means free attending of classes by students. Teaching and educational process at schools isn't interrupted. All teachers are at their workplaces according to the tariffing and the lesson schedule.

Use of various forms of work like consultation, individual, group classes is possible.

All lessons are fixed in class registers according to the class schedule.

Upon staying of students in the general education organizations catering services are possible.

The educational organizations are obliged:

- to inform participants of teaching and educational process on change of form of education;

- to establish close interaction with parents;

- to strengthen control of the location of students;

- to organize work on use of remote technologies: program material, tasks for independent studying, home-tasks have to be in open access for all participants of educational process ( school website, subject teachers page, social networks, etc.).

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