DPR's first educational, scientific and methodical complex is created on the basis of DonNUET


Today, on December 28, in DonNUET the ceremonial meeting of the Academic council dated for opening of the Donetsk People's Republic's first educational, scientific and methodical complex by the Ministry of Education and Science "The state organization of higher education "Mikhail Tugan-Baranovsky Donetsk national university of economy and trade" took place.

The Minister of Education and Science Larisa Polyakova took part in work of the Academic council.

"Creation of an educational, scientific and methodical complex is a new form of work; if not absolutely new, but enhanced, - Larisa Polyakova noted. - Today education content has changed, we are working according to the new State educational standards, we are getting ready our children for conscious choice of profession which needs to be made as soon as possible. It is indicative that ten schools, a number of secondary vocational education institutions showed willingness to enter the complex. Besides, the university has had several educational institutions in its structure for a long. I know that including in this complex some research institutions is being discussed. I congratulate you on today's event. I am sure that we will succeed!"

The rector of DonNUET Svetlana Drozhzhina presented the heads of the general education organizations and secondary vocational education institutions which entered the complex.

During the ceremonial meeting of the Academic council the Minister of Education and Science signed Regulation on the complex and  the multi-lateral agreement about cooperation between 18 of its subjects.

"We conceived creation of the complex long ago, in pre-war time bringing together those educational institutions which provide training of specialists in the field of economy and trade, - Svetlana Drozhzhina commented. – But the situation changed, now in our complex there are three technical schools and one college and we decided to attract also other secondary vocational education institutions and schools which can provide pre-profile and profile training. Thus, at the moment the complex includes one college, three technical schools, three technical training colleges and ten schools".

The priority is given to scientific work in which pupils directed by teachers will be engaged. That offers great opportunities for school students and students of SVE organizations. The new complex is of great importance for teachers as they will be included into   DonNUET electronic scientific library base and will be able to use all university scientists’ methodical findings and other literature.

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