Group of gifted children of the Republic has visited St. Petersburg


From December 21 to December 26 with assistance of the Ministry of Education and Science of the DPR the trip of gifted children of the Republic to St. Petersburg was organized. 30 young inhabitants of the Republic could get acquainted with the city on the Neva. They are  winners of the All-Russian and international competitions.

Coming back, school students shared their impressions.

"Such a wonderful gift by New Year - a travel to St. Petersburg!!!

This amazing northern city met us with rather warm weather and bright fires. After a long jorney (many children flow by plane for the first time and therefore this brought new feelings) and night check-in in the comfortable hotel "Moscow" (in the center of the hall we were met by a huge smiling nested doll) there was a little time for rest. But absolutely not unfortunately … Apparently we were not able to do anything. But we were! We could go to a sightseeing tour and visit the Hermitage and the Peter and Paul Fortress. The head  went round from impressions.

We  also could  share running high emotions  with our parents late at night. Where did we derive strength? We derived it from surprising sincere hospitality of organizers and welcomers, everybody who we met on our way; from delicious and really magnificent menu, from that caring and some reverent attitude to little guests from Donbass.

And ahead we had the whole three days of surprise, admiration, pleasant acquaintances and communication, bright impressions and unusual emotions …

Peter (we were told that they didn't take offense when we call it this way) is grandiose! We are at a loss for words, not because there is nothing to say, but because it is impossible to put into words what we have taken away in our hearts!

Three biggest surprises:

- grisaille – 3D drawings have been for a long time;

- malachite vases are not made of integral pieces of malachite but of thin plates;

- there are on average about 30 cloudless days in a year; we had a strong wish to share our sun.

Three greatest impressions:

- the covered with wounds columns of St. Isaac's Cathedral;

- the working Peacock clock in the Hermitage;

- sizes of cloths of the Russian artists.

Three brightest emotions:

- everywhere we received gifts, a lot of different gifts!

- a skating rink at a fair;

- a midday shot — the tradition existing in St. Petersburg to mark the midday with an artillery shot from a wall of the Peter and Paul Fortress".

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